For Sale

by W.O.L.F.

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This is my debut album. Made it over the course of a month with the homie Regular Eric in Alaska. Hope you kinda like it.

Shout outs:

Jeff Goldblum
Luke Walton


released May 5, 2015

Production by:

Mr. Kooman




all rights reserved


W.O.L.F. Raleigh, North Carolina

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Track Name: Cold World
New Year, new me, fuck that I’m stuck in my ways
I’ve been stubborn for days, maybe months, who knows
Another love interest pops up, ooh yeah, I love her I say
But shoot blanks with cupid’s arrow I’m going astray
It’s floating away, will it come back? Who knows?
I’m too frozen, from head down, emotions are stressed out
My girl wanna blow, told her from the head down
A bit cocky, I spit sloppy, forget hobbies
Bitch I gotta get a job, part time dish washing
In between brakes, scribbling rhymes
I get a vision and ride it like I was feeling a high
The pen is like…well, it’s just a pen, I guess
It only matters in the hand of someone skilled, I guess
I still digress; a song is like a temple of stress
Call me Mardi Gras, gotta get the shit off my chest

Do you wanna take a ride everybody? Hop in -- I’ll chauffeur
They say that it’s a small world,
Seeing all it’s got, sure I gotta say… I am not so sure
But it’s a ride, so buckle up
We’ll fly till the sun is up
But when it lands, you’re on your own, huh
The big city doesn’t seem that big
When you realize you’re alone in a cold, cold world

I’ll be the book worm, taped spectacles
Girls think I’m Doc “Awk”, with eight tentacles
I think – let it go, I’ll hit the limelight
But in my frames I highlight my hindsight
See the kid I used to be, with a boom box
And tube socks, rocking a pair of Shaq’s bumping Tupac
Nothing new rocked, shoes bought from bogo discount
The logo’s chipped out, I choose not
To dwell on that, care-free, the air’s clean
Ten years later, buried in stress, fees
Heading to class, come back
With a ten page thesis on why procrastination is bad
Submit it late with a laugh,
The teacher starting a fight with me
I tell that I’m just Tony Stark with the Irony
Pardon my act, pulling digits off with a blast
I’m dialed in, give ya guy a spin and call it a (w)rap.

I tried to pull a quick one, with the title of my record
Hoping you would get one, reminding you to get it
Every time you hear I said it, call my debut a classic, the title that I’m repping
Is a big one… flow wetter than dos equis, my budget’s equivalent
To a business spending on a coat hanger
So trust, there’s no label, I’m the drink at the party
People know is probably spiked, but I’m buzzed, so go drink it
Fuck it; spitting nonsense, but pay attention
Fitting someone so brokes never making sense then
Got picked last in gym class, the kids laugh
Get mad, pull the tech out and then *blast*
Fill up a clip fast, then shuffle to the next tech n9ne song
Rabble rabble, syllable skill snap!
I’m gibberish peddling something sinister
Reverend go get the minister tell em I’m gonna sin again
Or better administer couple questions or better test him
He said he’s the devil in shepherd skin! Better get him the medicine!
*Christ* It won’t work, he’s gone, so don’t hurt
PSYCH, I strike back with a tong and old fork
Fashion a rope first, climb out the side, gown
Is tight, I slide down, the crowd is quiet, the news people
Are psyched now, I give em each an interview with different interludes
A skit or two on my shit and move up to the front, more still and sure yell
*Everyone my album For Sale is for sale*
Track Name: Love Story Untold
A love story untold, watch it unravel
The limelight’s kinda blinding from afar but I traveled
Too far to go back, nah, this isn’t for me
Not now, when I’m finally in distance to reach
What I been dreaming bout
Everything before now, I didn’t care
Hope is just a lifeline, I wanna be a millionaire
So many voices telling me that I’m killing shit
I’m feeling like a puppet and their words the ventriloquist
What year is this? I’ve lost track, out in the clouds
I remember the days when I was down on the ground
In the middle of a battle you can’t win, but looking above
I saw a future and asked, “Could it be love?”

Do you believe in love at first sight?
*Not me homie that’s bullshit*
Do you believe you’re stuck in your life?
*You got me homie I’m pushed in*
All you gotta do is follow your fate
And risk sacrificing everything you’ve got to your name
*That’s all? You gotta be playing, what’s your name?*
You got me, they call me insane

Gimme six secs, I’ll shatter the world record
For trying to quit seventy times before ending
And happily accepting losing out to the world’s best
Jordan’s great, but we love Scottie too, he’s sure second
So I’m sure betting on myself, like I’ll take the odds
Found a chip on my shoulder out in Vegas, dawg
I play the cards I was dealt, and use a cheat code
To peak over, and see a king holding three jokers
Bet, I would never trade mine for his
They judge a book by a cover to define what’s real
Their loss, I don’t care much, they’re baffled I’m rapping
But didn’t read the fine print, going chapter to chapter
There’s a damn good reason why I’m packing for travel
And you gone see it when I’m back from Alaska, believe that
I don’t need rap; I breathe that, and each track
Is like a soliloquy, what I’m dealing with, or feel as if I’m incomplete
Or drop the L and then compete, battle charged, battle scars
Havoc thoughts, all of that and more, get a seat
Grab some popcorn, and watch me tell you everything I’ve every thought
In the confines of a beat, I better start:
Track Name: Hear That?
The world lights up, seven o clock
You’re either sleeping or preparing for a regular job
It’s hard not to be a statistic
A human should not be valuing currency
In hopes to just achieve a position
At least that’s my thoughts
But I fought and I clawed
To get to where I’m at, in the hope that I can find jobs
If not, I’m a write off, my time’s not
Worth less than any paycheck could tell me, but I got
So many people whisper beside me,
Living through me, but could never see the visions that I see
The shit that defines me, I keep to myself
The key to my health is locked in the limits that bind me

Do you hear that?
With a year past I realized
The silence is too loud,
With quiet comes new sounds
Defying the truth now,
I’m trying to tune out, but still I hear that (hear that)

Flashback to a happy scene
1-5 years back, jetting to my friend with the trampoline
His uncle used to push drugs, fuck if I knew
I used to see him with the whip, saying sup to the crew
Guns busted just two blocks away from the crib
Without a second thought, fuck it’s just the way that I lived
Strange to a kid, who didn’t see the danger was real
B&E down the street while I played with my friends
Moved out for sixth grade, new school, I just bailed
First day, notice that everybody’s skin’s pale
Imagine me; goosebumps lay in my skin
Went from being a fake thug to the wanksta that’s weird
Reinvent myself, a new image to wear
And new friends to repair, for a way to fit in
Funny, I never saw it as a change when it happened
I mean to be at that age, being strange wasn’t practiced

Do you hear that?
With a year past I realized
The silence is too loud,
With quiet comes new sounds
Defying the truth now,
I’m trying to tune out, but still I hear that (hear that)

Ten years later still in search of a niche
All this work just to help me try to learn to exist
What’s the purpose of this, when my hands point straight
To the sky what I’m asking is it worth it to live
That isn’t just some personal shit, or worrying tip
We got a lot people living that’s unsure of themselves
Wearing a mask full of confidence to hide the depression
Suppressing all of their colors until they die in rejection
And fear of accepting it got us blinded forever
Trying to settle on the normalcy that life has projected
But tell me, in that scenario who’s likely to tell em
The one’s objectifying others live a life that is sheltered?
Fuck it, a revolution is brewing but till that day starts
I’ll play off, and keep on working hard for this day job
Track Name: The Motive
I want more than this world here has to offer
The money, the women the fame,
Something just isn’t the same,
Fuck if I’m feeling the pain
Run or conceal it but hey,
Doing that has me crashing often
(Doing that has me mad at monsters)
But that’s a problem I created myself
An alter-ego makes it easier for hatred to dwell
But sometimes, sometimes, I find myself
Lying helpless and I beg it for help
That little voice inside that says I’ll never give up,
Needs a boost sometimes, so I tell it to hush
And channel something darker
Than pitch black, a quick snap,
Mentality switch back, sinister chit chat
Cause a part of me could never have fixed that
But in a split, snap he kicks back, and tells me to relax

Ain’t no shame in doubt,
Like screaming in a void in the space you cloud
But if you think you’re in control
Better get a grip,
(You can’t control me,
I’m everything you wish exists)
This is MY dream
(Listen it’s just a pipe dream, whose gonna hear your voice in this void when I scream?)
You can’t control me, I’m past the void when it said
(You can’t suppress me, I’m not just a voice in your head…)

(I’m the reason you’re here, the thunderstorm on a sunny day
No need to run away, you don’t believe that I’m near
You needed me for a backbone, as soon as that time past,
Go, and like *Snap* it’s time to go back home
You can’t pick and choose with me you did and you lose with me
Forget and get too picky I’ll finish this fuse, get me
OUT… hear me out, this temper’s bout to fizzle out
You’re boxed in, I wanna help you win a round)
I got this, I made it this far without you
I’m not turning back (I kinda doubt you)
It wasn’t a question, I mean I’m done this time
(You can’t run or hide, kid, you’re gonna regret this)
Fuck it I meant it! There’s not a damn thing
You could get me that wasn’t expected
I’m in charge, and I won’t be stuck in your debt, bitch
(In time you’ll regret saying something so selfish)

Ain’t no shame in doubt,
Like screaming in a void in the space you cloud
But if you think you’re in control
Better get a grip,
(You can’t control me,
I’m everything you wish exists)
This is MY dream
(Listen it’s just a pipe dream, whose gonna hear your voice in this void when I scream?)
You can’t control me, I’m past the void when it said
(You can’t suppress me, I’m more than a voice in your head…)

(Took you 18 years to understand the power I possess
As you battle with this caliber of stress
I was there for the carelessness
Aware you spent your share of it, then went bare again)
That wasn’t my fault, I’m bleeding for more
It wasn’t my job to justify the type of shit I needed you for
I agree, I might’ve took it for granted
And shouldn’t demand it, but honestly I often see a reason to splurge
I’m keeping my word, you’re stranglehold lifts right now
(You got a trip coming up, should I ditch right out?
You need me admit it) you’re kidding, we got it figured out
(But imagine when the guilt’ll mount
You hold responsibility too, so react
Or be mad at me that you need back and relapse)
Gimme the keys back, I’d rather be happy than working
As a soul trapped, tryna scratch at the surface

A reason for no shame in doubt,
Like screaming in a void in the space you cloud
But if you think you’re in control
Better get a grip,
(You can’t control me,
I’m everything you wish exists)
This is MY dream
(Listen it’s just a pipe dream, whose gonna hear your voice in this void when I scream?)
You can’t control me, I’m past the void when it said
(You can’t suppress me, I’m more than a voice in your head…)
Track Name: Burn
There’s something powerful in reaching what you can’t grab
Or dreaming what you can’t have
The belief you’ll achieve it is enough to pursue it
Until you notice you’re in love with an idea,
Confusing to live it until you do it and witness
The fruits of your labor were better than the food that you’re winning
But that’s the beauty of living, the thick and the thin
From the tutelage of life you learn who to pick as your friends
So when I feel a bit confused about choosing a vision
To follow in life I choose to mimic you in the mirror
I mean you always had my back, support like a brace
I brace myself, and jump from the floor of the base
A leap of faith at its core, is ignoring the blatant
Sign that you’ll make it, without knowing what was at stake
If I’ma fuck up, I’ma fuck up into space
It’s nothing to change, and shapeshift, so stuck in your ways
Is being stubborn today, where hating something
Is either being a bigot or religion isn’t something you praise
I’m color blind, when it comes to a race
I won’t start no war I can’t win, fuck a gun when I spray
I got knowledge and I’ll be god damned
If a college degree, defines me, where I’m stopping my plans
If not for a chance, I’d probably be a waiter
That’s waiting to make it, playing his beats on the pots and the pans
For six hours on minimum wage, live to get paid
Then pay bills, and skate by with dollars in hand
That’s not where I stand, if there ain’t nothing waiting
At the pearly gates, at my early grave I’ll be rocking it down
At the root of the monster, the problem is time
In six seconds you’re famous, I do it all for the vine

You can’t teach me nothing, like
Put your feet to the fire and burn tonight
Yeah you heard me right
If you don’t fall, how can you learn to fly?

I’ve seen shit that’ll change your perspective
The world is just an oyster to an optimist that makes him a skeptic
From the oldest to the newest in date
You make a lot of memories only to lose them with age
Kinda confusing, in perspective like
Spending life, building the tallest building you can, then trying to wreck the site
I fight for a better life, with money and happiness
But would have to sacrifice mental health to imagine it
And telling people I only march to my drum
But would sell out to reach the charts with sights stuck
On the right song, so I write on
…until there’s nothing left in my right arm
and try hard to believe, but it’s harder than I figured
When popularity’s measured by your followers on twitter
And right now, I need that highbrow
Anthony Davis, connect the dots for the line now
Clear my mind out, and focus on our generation
We need a voice you can’t type up, a text is waiting
Press the button and send away it we’re puppets
To fucking computer tablets instead of playing
A role in society

It’s probably not a revelation
To everybody but I’m scared of waiting for someone else to set it straight
Hold up I think I got a text though – ring ring
My cellphone beeps beeps, “oh there goes he, see
He’s just like us, checking his phone every other minute
Everything he just said is a fucking gimmick”
I admit, I don’t have my shit straight, yet
But I’m trying to end ways, and send change, bet
If I’m a catalyst to spark change, flip the switch
if I don’t practice what I preach, I’m a hypocrite
Only one way to learn
Set your feet to the fire and burn, baby burn
Track Name: Left Side
You couldn’t run fast enough
Trapped at a crossroad, we ain’t talking rap from thugs
Bones in harmony, crack at once
You’ve passed the pastor point; you say you’re a catholic huh?
How strong are those convictions when you don’t need something?
You pray every night, but tell me what you believe, hunter
Planes crashing to death, family battles with health,
And all you worry bout is passing a test?
Put that to perspective, it’s selfish – your past is a mess
You pick and choose when it’s cool to be mad at yourself
When it’s convenient you’re the good guy, moral to a fault
But sometimes, the good lies dormant in your heart
Too often, you store it in a jar
And explode on a joke and choke those who normally are fond
Overanalyze everything; anxiety elevates your heart rate
Trying to meditate… level blame on anybody that ain’t you
But when the chance presents itself you’re drawing a blank, dude
It’s right in front of you, step up and make it known
Or complain what you want isn’t served right up to you
Too embarrassed to take a chance when you have it
Get crazy mad in a panic complaining out with your habits
But do nothing it fix it, just stuck in a rut, fuck, it’s one of his tendencies
To be comfortable chilling, rather than working for the stuff that he wishes
Would come to existence, that’s fucking pathetic
I mean there’s like a love song every tape you sell
And they’re all about different girls, you say it well
Like you write about it, every single time you pouted
Yet it’s like a nicer habit, cause in a way it helps you date yourself
Let’s be honest, you don’t want love, you want the idea
A reason everyone could stop with the criticism
Friends saying you should smile, yeah, nice tip
Your crooked smile shows the chip that bit ya lip on
Even the trip you went on, what are you risking on it?
You didn’t even contribute to what the tickets costing
Is this a game to you? What’s the plan, do you
Take a trip hoping that you come back a brand new you?
Paying 80 grand through you to grad schooling
But that route you have choose has limited the paths to you
The cash looping in and out of the system
You’re damn foolish if your plan is to finish
And take a bachelor’s minimum wage track and committing
To fast food ing while you practice your writtens
Yeah, right....I can see it now
All smiles on the outside, but doubt lies deeper down

Teeter totter with confidence like’s challenging
Falling over the edge of your own sanity
Fuck what they tell em, you struggle to grow
And maintain a level head as you juggle em both
The good times and bad, as it’s damaging everything you loved
Give into it, and jump on the balance beam
Track Name: Right Side
I feel like life is a balance beam,
Finding happiness in madness is an art that I haven’t seen
Having dreams where I wake in tears, shaped from fears
In real life manifested past my sleep
The same night had a dream I don’t wanna break from
Or wake up, the picture painted perfect no paint brush
So many thoughts to act on, or not
To see the evil in people when they believe it’s the fault of God
Or pass on and rot, cause trust, I’ll leave a legacy
Behind even when the last song has stopped
That’s all we got, you see what I mean?
You really think all of Martin Luther’s dreams were of peace?
When a man who commits adultery on his wife
Is a martyr for a whole race, something ain’t right
We see the faults, shove em aside, but blind to facts
We ain’t perfect, and I’m fine with that…

Like who the fuck are you to judge me?
You don’t know shit about my past
What we do right now is all that really counts
You don’t know how long time will last
Between good and bad, choose one and stick it out
You might not know when the line is blurred
Like a tug-o-war, something’s gotta give so choose
What do you think that light is for?

Every killer has a backstory
Some sad shit his dad did to make you feel sad for him
So the media’s content with humanizing a killer
While they apply another number to the life of a victim
You have to see the irony in searching for good in a
Fucking felon but minimizing the life of a person
That works hard to raise kids, but never sees his name in the paper
Till he steals from a bank to pay bills
Rewarding the felons while we ignore who is failing
Until they reach a certain status where they’re sure to be reckless
And that makes profit for everyone but the body that needs it
We’re sick with an obvious treatment
Attention and recognition to challenge a system
That will happily glorify the madness within them
And teach us to do right, and follow the laws
But would be just as happy if we’re falling along

I wanna do right, I know right and wrong
The same wrongs that I’ll die upon
I’ve done good for so long, ignored by those
I really want, I want for them to store this note
It’s confessional time,
Speaking from the heart to whoever’s gonna listen to this record of mine
I got a regular life, a good heart and a brain that has kept
Me from stupid shit I’m destined to find
But I ain’t happy passing class halls unnoticed
And people taking advantage of the fact I’m that small in focus
Cause I’ma do whatever the fuck I want,
You only live once and I’m never gonna settle to benefit
Someone else in temporarily accepting their life is a little better
Than the kid that’s as stubborn as is smart
So fuck, I’m pissed off, but I’ll stay on the course
And break par, for I ever see my name in the stars
Track Name: Where One Life Fails
A collective slow clap as my soul cracks
That’s the price to blow man, I know that
Getting advice in this ear, but out the other
Like Tyson cause this year, my mouth is running
Don’t bite what you can’t use, they tell me chew, I spit
They clearly never had a view like this
I’m too nice, and use life to boost my shit
No skewed lines, it’s true rhymes, produce my hits
Like it’s a true or false, question:
Would you respond well to people questioning
Your ethics, when you do a song, spread it
For the bread it’s really possible to lose it all, steady
Everybody’s got a doubt till you prove em wrong, bet it
All, fuck it, put the car on it,
They tell me I ain’t got the drive, so I park on em
Independent spreading the tracks
Hundred hits says that I’m wack, hundred more getting better in raps
I need a hook, someone tell em the catch
Once you start down this road you can never look back
So get your head from your ass
Operating on opposite ends of the same spectrum
I’ve gotta commit to make better opportunities
For me, when my peers never had the same chance
To break out, so stopping to quit
Isn’t an option I’m calling another audible, quick
I can’t fold when the cards that I get
Seem impossible to conquer just ante up
The pot isn’t filled; it’s all in for the spot that I wield
This obstacle here, isn’t set in stone, baby let it go
Maybe never know if you had what it takes
A mistake to be here, climbing each hill
To the top of the mountain only to find that I’ve already peaked here
My consciousness is calling it, time and place
Date of birth to his dying date, toe tag this old man
But I ain’t gonna walk another path
Just to minimize the growing potential that people call me fucking trash
I’m hardly flowing damn, only part I know I have
Is a blimp on the radar that’s probably going down
And I’m fine with that, only to influence people around me
To the point where they like my ass
On both hands I could count who I’d need if the globe crashed
And this whole planet was collected in dust
For every record I crush, my cerebellum will bust
Cause what was therapy is now another message that sucks
I got the words to express that I’m done
But on the other hand, putting it to action isn’t ready, so what?
I’m in a middle ground, smiling and sad, the good times and the bad
Help me figure out why I should act
Like I’m confident enough to convince you
My shit’s true, shit it probably sucks, but still you
Commit to pencil and ink, what the pen do
Isn’t a thing compared to real you
Sometimes I blur the line, tryna be as honest
As possible on a song until I’m worried I
Burned alive bridges I crossed back
And threw a line, telling everybody I’ve gone back
To save them all, facts, and I’m scared to call that
The truth, cause when I bare it all, scratch
No one cares at all, that’s something very wrong, damn
What I cherished all cracked digging dirt just to bury y’alls past
So I’m weary y’all laugh, when I play this shit
Twenty years living in the things I spit
When daylight ends, I shine into space like, this
And bring color, like kids throwing up gang signs bitch
You couldn’t stop a shooting star from burning down to the earth
And I promise I’m surrounding this work
With each verse being rounded as personal, kinda clouded with hurt
Optimistic that I’m bound to be first
Track Name: Die in Your Sleep
True love, they say it’s when you find your soulmate
So I roll straight out of the clouds
Fall face first till I’m down on the ground
Wipe my hands, look around, I’m astounded
Twenty years later in the same spot
I still got a couple bruises on this Braveheart
Shoutout Mel Gibson, feel myself slipping
Tripping, get a grip forreal I fell strictly
To bounce back, brush myself off and pounce back
But you can only fall if know that you’ll catch that
Otherwise, when you bottom out, those other guys
Will shout, I’m reserved -- call me the crown,
Once I find the time to speak
I approach like what’s up girl, finally it’s time that we meet
There’s a pretty good chance that we’ll die in our sleep
So what’s good, do you see me as the guy of your dreams?

We can hold hands, typical romance
You’ll learn not to settle with me
In both plans fate slow danced
So we were destined to meet
You’ve seen hell, well it’s heaven with me
And when you grow mad we can throw hands
It’s romance, we walk on a separate street
And pretty soon you’ll regret that you settled for me
It’s all G, when we die in our sleep (who’s the guy in your dreams)

It’s re-birth, through the pain we yearned
For a second opportunity to make it work
So when I fall right back I’ll retain the hurt
And see you, and approach with amazing quirk
“I know we had a couple cracks at it, baby I’m back at it
Without you I can’t breathe, call me an asthmatic”
I got your attention, quick I mention this:
We went from a mister/miss to in an inch of split
But I’m flexible enough to see potential in us
Let’s take a second and remember the fun
There’s rough patches but fuck it, we’re doing enough
To scrape by happily and choosing to love
Had ruined us both, let’s apply new rules
To both our views too, it’s true you
Remember how unlikely we seemed
And when I promised I’m the guy of your dreams, what a lie to believe
we’ll see when we die in our sleep

Third time’s the charm right?
But now I fall right back and hit the ground too hard, I’m
Tired of falling, I think retirement’s calling
And then I see your face, it reminds me of something
Memories triggered like an epiphany figured
That finally we might’ve seen the fucking end our little
Relationship, let’s face the shit
The little bit of loved made us brace to split
So this time I ignore all this basic shit,
And walk past you in anger, click
My brain commits to instinct
Fuck it, I then think, I’d rather be in love than nothing because the shit stinks
And who knows, maybe we’ll last
And learn from the mistakes of the past
I kinda doubt it, but if you’re willing we’ll try it and see
Who knows, I could maybe be the guy of your dreams
Track Name: Sunday Night
I’m feeling up right now
This the high that killed Chris Farley, I feel starving
In my gut right now
This the hunt, I found
Something to cut right down
Light the trees boy I told you that I’m up right now (listen)
Olympic sprinting round the track I ’ma scorch
Trafficing more, than pimp’s macking a whore
Fantastic four, cause I: stretch schemes, forget things
But field dreams, all that’s left is passing the torch
You’ll catch it I’m sure, so far above the heads of my peers
Don’t be alarmed, I’ll snap back with a cap (brat!)
Brim of the fitted is tilted till I step in the field
And blast back, it’s a fast track to forgetting what’s real

So take my hand, I’ma lead you away from this life
With mystical figures following over top
I know it’s hard to let go, and maybe in time
We can fly too; all you need besides you is my view
A clean slate, we can wash it away
The only obstacle is concurring your nightmares
When the night nears we’ll fight fear and follow away

There’s blurred lines between the heroes and villains
The fearful and driven, who watch from a far,
But mistake wrongdoing with not doing what’s best for you
In Gotham it’s hard to tell whose Robin or not
Gimme that cape! Blast off, need some dinner and plates
Avenger of hate, maybe misogynistic with taste
I tell my girls I like it hot, but in the winter they skate
Look in her face, it’s a two but her figure’s an 8
Spinning webs to miss the fall, it’s a scary fate
Dropping so high from love, they tell me risk it all for the Mary Jane
I would if I could; see I’m busy right now
I shouldn’t have pushed, she swings in a rhythm right down

To a fate I chose, but take my hand, I’ma lead you away from this life
With mystical figures following over top
I know it’s hard to let go, and maybe in time
We can fly too; all you need besides you is my view
A clean slate, we can wash it away
The only obstacle is concurring your nightmares
When the night nears we’ll fight fear and follow away

There’s only so much I can do with my hands
But with my eyes closed, with a blind fold,
I find hope, a bright glow emerges and time slows
The mind grows, gravity drops and I float
There’s only so much I can do with my hands
But with my eyes closed, with a blind fold,
I find hope, a bright glow emerges and time slows
The mind grows, gravity drops and I float

Then the light flickers back into vision
The gravity’s hitting, I fall right back to the realness
With hopeful minds restrained and all your time constraints
I hope to find a place that lacks supervision
And maybe we can fly someday, but right now it’s Sunday
Tomorrow morning I got class to begin with
And maybe we can fly someday, but right now it’s Sunday
Tomorrow morning I got class to begin with
Track Name: Savior
I am not a savior, no
I see myself in the brightest light, but fade slow
A faint glow, to shadows creeping out from the dark
My brain don’t get the signals coming down from my heart
I guess my confidence switched into cockiness
Flipped into solemn mixed hollowness, stalker shit
I told you I couldn’t read minds, but didn’t say
I couldn’t send a text by the time you change your twitter page
Single now? Damn, tried showing you what he’s about
Deep down, I saw that you were board, grab the rebound
Was there for the bad times, the pics you sent
The shit would drip like, shit, you were getting baptized
Then months passed by, we don’t talk
I try, but know not to visit that roadblock
And now she’s a stranger, so, I’m not a savior, no
Just a place for you to hang you coat, I’m ghost

I am not a savior, no
I see trouble every place I go,
Thank the heavens for a body and a mind that was capable
To place myself here, with the strength to grow
I see myself in the darkest corners
So far from soaring, stuck mopping floors,
But the parts are there
Stop worrying and start preparing
To either fly, or fall in fear
So hard to care, when my GPA
Is like an ETA and when it drops, I’m scared (I won’t flop I swear)
So maybe my inhibitions have placed the hold
Whether content with this or dismayed I won’t
Have a place to go, can’t complain no mo
I got a chance to be my own fucking savior, so
I’m not a savior, though
Just a name with a brain and hope

I am not a savior though,
I see the world as a place to grow
From encased in slow mo the pace has grown though
I may be thrown yo, the world starts spinning I’m fucked
I think I had too much – why’m I grinning so much?
I just told a girl the shit that’s been filling my gut
I mean I let it all out, it was building for months
And she drew back and told me stop killing her buzz, fuck it
Fill up another, another shot down like I’m KD
Stealing the Thunder, concealing the willing to be a villain if nothing
Other than changing the scenery, that’s a kid who is bugging
I’m tripping, but fuck it; I’m crazy though
You said I could’ve been your savior, oh, that’s a tricky rebuttal

I am not a savior, no
I think it’s time I stop getting intoxicated, though
Track Name: Setting Sail
I hear everything that’s said about me
But all this pain helped me spark the flame
I’ma make you all regret you doubt me
An artist paints through his darkest days
Part of shame is in the thought of reaction
From your friends or the response of the masses
You feel it in you, chemicals are calling for action
But to blow would mean regardless there’s a constant reaction, right?
These songs are therapy, lyrics are physical descriptions
Of the feeling that I’m falling carelessly
If I reach inside my pocket, get my phone
And tried to call my friends I only wonder who would say they’re always there for me?
No sense in dwelling on it, I’m setting sail tomorrow
This life I’m living isn’t quite the shit I felt was promised
If I told you I was leaving would you follow me?
Or fall asleep and pretend this was all a dream?

They said he’s dumb he’s never gonna (make it in this game)
He’s young he’s just gonna take a chance and (waste it all away)
Keep up, dreams come I gotta take it (I’m setting sail today)
Dreams go, please know I gotta chase it (I’m setting sail today)

These aren’t words, nah, it’s an art form
Part hell drawn towards where my faults dwell
Thoughts blend when I start working
Part surgeon operating all morning till hip hop’s well
This is war fare waging inside of me
You couldn’t comprehend how degrading this rhyming seems
I tell them I’m a rapper and they laugh at the sight of me
But they never fucking followed any chance to define their dreams
So take your potshots, hot shot you’re not fooling me
This will not stop all my opportunities
I’m done sitting in self-doubt and pity
I’m hell-bound, embracing what dwells down within me
Sail out the city, farewell now I’m busy
To help out, forget what I said bout this industry
More or less I know I’m destined to sell more
Or better yet, I let em think I’m selling myself short

They said he’s dumb he’s never gonna (make it in this game)
He’s young he’s just gonna take a chance and (waste it all away)
Keep up, dreams come I gotta take it (I’m setting sail today)
Dreams go, please know I gotta chase it (I’m setting sail today)

Every verse is a version of what I live
These aren’t words, it’s as personal as it gets
So you when you disagree when I’m spitting bars
It hits my heart, cause it feels like you were indirectly dissing me
Dramatically jealous but never imagined
They’d say I’m passive aggressive, I’m just aggressively passive
So telling me rapping isn’t a realistic choice
Would elicit an earful, this has given me voice
Funny; that same voice people always neglect
Is gonna serve as a reminder for my constant respect
I’ve given all of my time; I’m working harder for less
So pardon my grind, I know it’s just a part of the quest